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In some (but not all), this project is unlike the others. It is an exploration of a related, deeply influential genres in 20th century Western culture: film noir (including 'neo-noir), Hitchcock (especially Rear Window, Vertigo, The Birds and Rope), detective television series (especially Columbo, Rockford FilesNashville 99, and the much lesser known The Beachcombers). The aesthetic and narratives of Southern and Northern Gothic, set in domestic, suburban, urban and rural settings in the cities and towns of the American South, in the case of the former, and Canada, New England and the American Pacific Northwest, in the case of the latter. 

Desire and impulse, smouldering resentments and fears lurk behind closed doors, and in the hearts and minds of certain residents in crumbling, derelict southern towns, sleepy forested northern communities, and tract housing developments, which edged the derelict urban centres of 1950's American cities.

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