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Time & Tide Bell:
Resilience, Adaptation, Art

This is a year-long project of embedded research and public activity with the creative initiative Time and Tide Bell, a permanent, multi-site installation of cast bronze sculptural bells. Designed by artist Marcus Vergette, the bells are constructed such that the action of tidal waves causes them to ring in harmonious tones. The first bell was installed at Appledore, Devon in 2009, and six more followed (Bosta Beach, Lewis; Aberdyfi, Gynedd, Trinity Buoy, London; Cemaes Bay, Anglesey, Morecacambe Bay, Lancashire; and Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire). A further six bells will be installed around the British coast in the coming months. These bells belong - free and clear - to their communities. Each of these communities has interacted in different ways to their bell: in some, the bells has become part of regional mythos; in others, a marker of changing landscapes; in still others, a focal point for education about biodiversity; and in some, a stimulus for health and wellbeing. Significantly, in all of the communities, the bells are a resonant and persistent reminder of rising sea levels, coastal erosion, and other effects of climate change. 

My purpose is to work with members of this initiative, in order to investigate the ways that public artwork initiatives become—and can become—successful catalysts for debate, protest, and action on issues around rising sea levels, flooding, coastal erosion.

We held brilliant exhibitions, events, workshops, walks, poetry readings, and music nights at Studio KIND, Braunton and at Artizan Collective, Torquay. Photographs courtesy of Artizan Collective and Artizan Gallery

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