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Selected Recent Exhibitions:


Corinna Wagner: TerraOceanus (photography/installation, poetry, co-curation), Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, UK, 17 June-12 August 2023

Wicked Problems: The Humanities in an Age of Planetary Agenda-Setting, a collaboration with artist Tara Nicholson, part of a larger joint project between University of Exeter and the University of British Columbia, Okanagan, with Prof Paul Young, Dr Ina Linge, and Prof Jodie Castricano, University of Exeter, February-May 2023

Above and Below (photography/installation, poetry and co-curation), Artizan Gallery, Torquay, September-October 2022.

Unstable Ground (photography/installation, poetry and co-curation), Studio KIND, Braunton, August-September 2022

On the Strandline (photography to accompany performance by Prodigal UPG), University of Exeter, April 2022

Selected publications: 

‘Relics and Ruins,’ Graveyard Gothic, ed. Eric Parisot, David McAllister and Xavier Aldana Reyes (Manchester University Press, 2023) 

‘Gynoids: Selfhood and Emotion, Sexual Violence and Crime,’ Victorian Automata and Automatism, ed. Suzy Anger and Thomas Vranken (Cambridge University Press, 2023)

'What Lies Beneath', 'Resurrection' 'Blue and Gold', 'Deep End' (photography and short story) for COP27 We Still Have a Chance, 2022 

‘Anatomical Models of Pregnancy’ (photo essay/history) Victorian Web, 2022

‘Dam-building on the Peace River’ (photography), for COP26 Green Futures: One Chance Left, 2021

‘Ortolan’ (poetry) Magma Poetry: Anthropocene, 81, ed. Maya Chowdhry, Cheryl Moskowitz and Yvonne Reddick, Winter 2021

‘Transparency’ (photo essay), The Index Project, Wellcome Centre for the Cultures + Environments of Health, 2021

'Photography, Arrested Development, and the Facial Expression of Emotion,’ The Anatomy of the Image: Perspectives on the (Bio)medical Body in Science, Literature, Culture and Politics, ed. Axel Fliethmann & Christiane Weller (Brill/Rodopi, Clio Medica Series, 2021) 115-139.

‘Anatomy and Interiority: Medicine, Politics and Identity in the Long Eighteenth-Century’ in Literature and the History of Medicine, vol. 1: The Eighteenth Century and Romantic, ed. Clark Lawlor and Andrew Mangham (Cambridge University Press, 2021) 242-268.

‘Fragmented’ (artwork), cover for Bysshe Coffey, Shelley's Broken World (Liverpool University Press, 2021)

​‘Ruin’ (poetry) Catching the Afterglow: A Celebration of South Devon Poets, Past and Present, Brixham Heritage Museum, 2021

‘River’ (photography and poetry) Climate Matters: Poems and Prose about the Climate Crisis and Capitalism, (Riptide and Culture Matters, Nov 2020) 45-48

The Oxford Handbook to Victorian Medievalism, eds. J. Parker and C. Wagner (Oxford University Press, 2020) 

‘Genealogies of Monstrosity: Darwin, the Biology of Crime and Nineteenth-Century British Gothic Literature,’ Cambridge History of the Gothic, vol. 2 of 3, ed. Catherine Spooner, Dale Townshend and Angela Wright (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020) 416-444.

'Bodies and Buildings: Materialist Medievalism,’ The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Medievalism (Oxford University Press, 2020) 394-415.

‘Photography’, The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Victorian Women’s Writing, ed. L. Scholl (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2020) 1-5.

‘Risk, Invisibility, and Gothic Ruins in 2020: A Photo Essay,’ Special Issue: Gothic Covid (Critical Quarterly, Dec 2020) 63-73.

The Human Ideal and the Real: Artistic Vision and Anatomical Sight’ in Medicine, Health and Being Human, ed. Lesa Scholl (Abingdon: Routledge, 2018) 137-161.

‘Replicating Venus: Art, Anatomy, Automata and the Ideal,’ Reading and Replicating Bodies, special issue, ed. Will Abberley, 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century (Spring 2017) doi: 10.16995/ntn.783

‘Forensic Pathology, The Gordon Museum at Guy’s Hospital,’ (poetry) Body of Work: An Anthology of Poetry and Medicine (Bloomsbury: 2016), 362-363.

‘“People Bleed Stories”: Illness, Medicine, and Poetry,’ A Body of Work: An Anthology of Poetry and Medical Writing (Bloomsbury, 2016) 1-24.

A Body of Work: An Anthology of Poetry and Medicine, eds. C. Wagner and A. Brown, (Bloomsbury, 2016) 

‘Enlightenment Visions: Sight and the Sensate Body in Chinese Art and Medicine’ Senses and the Body (Shanghai, China: Fudan University Press, 2016) (translated into Mandarin).

‘The Problem of Maternal Violence: Anatomy, Forensic Medicine and the Mind,’ The Secrets of Generation: Reproduction in the Long Eighteenth Century, eds. Ray Stephanson and Darren Wagner (University of Toronto, 2015) 195-217.

‘Visual Translations: Medicine, Art, China and the West,’ Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, (Springer, 8:2, June 2015) 193-234.

Gothic Evolutions: Poetry, Tales, Context, Theory, ed. C. Wagner (Broadview Press, 2014) 

Art & Soul: Victorians and the Gothic, with J. Parker (Sansom & Co.: 2014)

Pathological Bodies: Medicine and Political Culture (University of California Press, 2013) 

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